We are a certified oracle partner and can offer you advantageous pricing on your database. We work closely with NACT telecom, exchanging knowledge and helping them develop their web services.



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About Us

Smartbox is a Canadian research and development company focused on developing software solutions for service subscription billing and telecommunications rating and routing management.

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Lets you navigate around your applications with one easy click. It can be deployed as a standalone application or as a SaaS solution. The complete suite manages from your business relationship, ordering, provisioning, invoicing between your customers, suppliers, sales representatives and support.

SmartSuite supports Oracle Database 11g R2, Linux 5.5 and Exadata Database Machine.

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  • Make confident business decisions based on accurate, comprehensive financial information
  • Easily manage global accounting operations and configure for country-specific localization.
  • Improve leverage of receivables and build working capital.
  • Accelerate financial processes including quotes to cash, collections and closes.
  • Proactively manage risks and compliance; improve visibility, transparency and accountability.
  • The ultimate solution for subscription billing

    Is the ultimate solution for subscription billing. It comes with advanced reporting engine.

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    • Customized Service Data
      Each service subscription type can be customized to the service needs.
    • Customized Billing Cycles
      Each customer can have their own billing cycle: daily, weekly monthly and yearly and any interval for that cycle.
    • Multiple Charge Types
      Items charged to customers can be one time, recurring or per usage.
    • Accounting Receivables and Payables
      Invoices, credit and payments for customers and suppliers.
    • Sales Compensation
      Multi level commission compensation structure.
    • Oppurtunity Module
      Manage opportunities for prospective customers.
    • Email Integration
      Allows the user to send emails to customers,suppliers and representatives directly from the SmartBilling application. SmarBilling will also retrieve emails replied to and store them into the correct entity, thus having one central location for all communication between you and your customer, supplier or representative.
    • PBX Integration
      A click to call interface so what anywhere a phone number field is in the SmartBilling application the user can just click the phone number and smartBilling will instuct your PBX to dial the phone number. The calls are then logged under the customer, supplier or representative.
    • Communicator
      Users can to message each other in a full featured internal messaging system.
    • Customer Portal
      Customers can view invoices, download usage details and open support tickets using a secure web portal.
    • Representative Portal
      Sales representatives can create orders for customers, view their commissions status, open tickets for their customers.
  • Manage all your back office needs

    Is a telecom carrier solution that manages all back office needs. SmartTelecom simplifies the relationship between carriers by making the the day to day tasks simple and easy.

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    • Carrier Management
      Manage carrier's general information, attach documents and create notes.
    • Rate Management
      Loading in carrier rates sheets was a time consuming and daunting task, with all those challenges and file manipulations are a thing of the past. It allows you to build file templates for each carrier and then use the template to load in the carrier file without ever opening it. SmartRounting Rate management system can integrate directly you your email server and pickup the carrier rate files. Rate Management allows you to manage and send out rate files of your own to carriers via email.
    • Pricing Management
      Build intelligent rate sheets for your customers based on margins and quality you define.
    • Routing Management
      SmartTelecom's least cost routing engine allows you to build LCRs based on price and quality. Qos parameter are entered into the Least Cost Routing engine and takes care of the rest. Build customizable LCRs based of your needs quickly and efficiently.
    • Real Time Call Rating
      Streams call records in real-time from any telecom switch, rates each call record based on rate sheets loaded.
    • Reporting
      Build customizable reports to analyze traffic in real time. It's report engine is enhanced to provide reports in seconds to make your decisions quicker and more accurate.



Our team of database administrators and developers have experience in Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.

We provide the following database services for all your business needs.

  • Administration
  • Consultation
  • Development

Web Development

We provide the following services for all your business needs.

  • Website implementation & management
  • Custom-Application Development
  • Hosting


Smartbox is a Canadian research and development company focused on developing software solutions for service subscription billing and telecommunications rating and routing management.

Smartbox was established in the early 2000s and development its first telecommunication software for the NACT telecom switch. As Telecom moved into the VOIP world Smartbox grew its telecommunication software to handle soft switchs that passed VOIP traffic. The explosion of the internet is allowing more services to be developed and branded for customer but lacking the software to manage these services and to invoice them. Smartbox used its invoicing experience from telecommunications to build a software that would allow the management and invoicing of any subscription service.

In 2003 Smartbox developed a software called RTBRS (Real Time Rating and Reporting Services) was developed to Stream, Rate and the report of call records from various telecom switches.

In 2006 TSM (Telecommunication Services Management) took the RTBRS software from a simple reporting engine to a full telecom solution for rating, routing, reporting and invoicing of wholesale termination. It manages the end to end relationships between telecommunication carriers.

In 2009 SmartBilling was introduced as a service billing solution designed to handle any service from telephone to television to DVD rental.

Smartbox continues develop and expand its line of software and strives to achieve excellent customer support and satisfaction.


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